About Us

A-Marketing Solutions is a boutique style digital marketing agency owned by A.B Globily LTD. We don’t just do online marketing, we take proactive approach to help our customers managed all their online marketing efforts.

We plan and execute a long lasting internet marketing strategy. Our services include:

  • Full service media buying on Google, Facebook, Native networks
  • Online Marketing consultancy.
  • Planning long term and short term Online marketing strategies
  • SEM Services: Search, Display, Contextual, Email, Media Buys
  • Creating and Managing company newsletter marketing
  • Creating and managing private and shared affiliate programs.
  • Help Designing lead capture landing pages
  • Managing the daily online marketing activities

Please do visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/globily



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Private Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate marketing is a powerful engine of growth to company seeking to expand it’s online presence. We make Affiliates partners an integral part of your company assets. We can help grow and maintain sustainable affiliate partners. Our services includes:

  • Setup, recruit and Build loyal private community of publishers
  • Setup partnership with relevant publisher networks to enhance traffic
  • Dedicate Affiliate Management
  • Building detailed marketing plan to improve affiliate results.



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Make your online presence noticeable


Knowledgable Online Marketing is the key to success!  We help our clients plan and execute

  • Planning online marketing strategy based on experience and facts
  • Execute the plans to actions
  • Monitoring KPI (key performance indicators)


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